• What we do

    Redefining the urban farming with innovation

    Food is sustainable and fresher than ever before.

    INCI FARMS focus on producing import food locally, to reduce the import food loss and food waste to transportation and package processing. Local production will reduce food loss and waste to minimal 30%.


    We do it indoors using our proprietary technology designed and developed in Norway, using aeroponics principle with LED lights and a controlled environment, means all aspects of the growing process are controlled and adjusted to plant requirements. Plants are not affected by weather, drouth or any other external forces that may affect the quality of the food we produce.


    The plant growth is monitored with our monitoring system, where the data will be fed into our machine learning interface, the data is analyzed to predict the plant quality, and yield capacities of the crops.


  • Is it better?

    We need conventional farming to produce enough food for all. Same time, we need new farming methods in support of conventional farming to produce enough food for feeding the world safe and sustainable.


    Less water consumption.

    Our technology uses about 95% less water than conventional farming, and 70% less than Hydroponics farming. Water is collected and reused at its best, not drained into the ground.


    Zero use of pesticides and herbicides.

    To kill pests and weed conventional farming uses a lot of poison, in the form of pesticides and herbicides.

    We use nothing.


    Food with minimal carbon foot print.

    The average fresh food travels 2500 KM before it reaches the plate. That gives a lot of CO2 emissions. We produce close to the market, minimizing the need for transport, and storage.

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